Precision Power Presses


Q1When "die jam" happens

Step.1Stop the motor.
Step.2If the slide elevation does not exceed 180 degrees, turn the "forward/ reverse" switch to "reverse". If the slide elevation exceeds 180 degrees, turn the "forward/ reverse" switch to "forward".
Step.3Select "OFF" for operation.
Step.4Press "MOTOR ON" button to start the motor.
Step.5Select "INCH" movement position.
Step.6Press the "RUN" button on operation box to elevate the slide.
Step.7Resume the normal operation after the problems are solved.
Step.8If die jam happens after being checked. Kindly contact us, please.

Q2When "overload" happens

Step.1When overload light is on, it means the punching pressure limit has been exceeded.
Step.2Select the "INCH" position.
Step.3Press the "start" button on the control box to elevate the slide to over 330 degrees. Then the operation will resume automatically.
Step.4Find out the reasons for overload.
Step.5If it is the position for closing die, adjust the die position.
Step.6If the capacity of nominal tons has been exceeded, select another appropriate machine.
Step.7If it is the problem with the die. Take it off for inspection.

Q3When punching action slows down

Step.1Check the motor belt for tension.
Step.2Check each lubrication system.
Step.3Has the machine been used with overload for a long time?
Step.4Does the motor or the converter have a problem?
Step.5Check the clutch and the lining for wearing.
Step.6Check the pressure

Q4When VS motor speed unfitted the punch speed

Open the control box to see the top of VS motor control panel. There are five adjustable resistors. Use screwdriver to adjust from the upper row to bottom row. Screw slowly.

Step.1Stability regulation VR1 (STB): Adjust with the time constant. Clockwise, increases the time constant. Counter clockwise, reduces the time constant.
Step.2Gain regulation VR2 (GAN): Adjust with the time constant. Clockwise, increase the gain. Notice, the motor would be hunting if it goes beyond the limited.
Step.3Voltage output limited VR3 (TRL): Limit the max. output torque of ED motor. Clockwise, increases the torque. Counter clockwise, reduces the torque.
Step.4Buffer regulation VR4 (SFS): The rate of speed when the motor has started. Clockwise, increases the buffer time. Counter clockwise, reduces the buffer time.
Step.5Speed regulation VR5 (NFB): Limit the max. speed of motor. Clockwise, increases the speed. Counter clockwise, reduces the speed.

Q5When the red light is on for air compressor

Step.1Check the air compressor for pressure and the pressure setting button. Ask experienced people to make adjustment as necessary.
Step.2Check the air pressure generated by air compressor for use by the punching machine.
Step.3Check the regulating valve for incoming air. Take the valve off, check it, and apply lubrication. If it does not improve after this, replace it.
Step.4Check the joints or the lines for damage and leakage. Wrap the leaking part with anti-leaking tapes or replace the piping.

Q6When electric adjustment for the slide does not work

Step.1Check the electromagnetic valve for jump off. If it is off, press the "off" button.
Step.2Check the chains and transmission gear pin for fixation. Replace the pins and fix it tightly as necessary.
Step.3Check the break circuits for poor connection. If yes, patch it or replace it.
Step.4Check the punching system and chase ball for tightness. Check the lubrication. If it is too tight, apply lubrication and gaskets to elevate the chase ball. The tightness is adjusted to ease the movement of the chase ball.
Step.5Regularly apply lubrication inside the punch assembly for the chase bar and alloy screw nut.
Step.6Check the power source for the rotation direction for breaking motor.

Q7Control Problems with P.L.C.

The Error Monitor will show the Error Code when the system has an error. Operators can clear up the error by checking the error code. The system would immediately stop or have Top stop when an error occurs. Press the RESET button after the error is solved. The machine should start after the error has been resolved.